PROGRESSION is the law of being, and its action, constant, undefined, sometimes imperceptible in its stages, is reflected in human experience. Nature presents to us her grand panorama with diversity in unity. The eternal hills may "change not," but no two mornings break over them with exactly the same balance of light and shadow, tone and color. The landscape varies not only from spring to summer, and summer to winter; but day by day and hour by hour a subtle influence modifies the external expression of its beauty, the phrasing of nature's thought.

In the human consciousness, to-day is not yesterday, nor like it. No two days ever found and left us exactly the same. This fact needs no elaboration save in the reader's thought. Mrs. Eddy says, "That to-morrow starts from to-day and is one day beyond it, robes the future with hope's rainbow hues" (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 339). This tersely, but perfectly, expresses the whole matter.

Our Literature in Foreign Countries
September 5, 1903

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