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The conviction has spread widely, through all the Churches, that it was an error to describe heaven and hell as localities, especially as compensative rewards for deeds done in the present life. The reply to this logic is a good deal older than our modern liberalism... Heaven is the state of the soul, hell is the same. They may exist side by side in two persons who are thrown together in life's economy. Heaven is not a fixed state. It may be come a thousand times more heavenly by noble purposing. The only locality of Paradise is a man's own soul and its surroundings. The power of the mind to widen out its heaven and enlarge its compass of joy is inestimable. Another person in the same environment may see neither the beautiful, the good, nor the true. The true soul, loving truth, sees the charm of virtue, grows more honorable, more just, and so is heaven-widened, taking in his social and his political environment as well as his religious. The completed heaven is to do the will of the divine Father. This does not construct a golden city, neither does it point to a life of ease and peace, except that peace which springs from right doing.—The Christian Register.

"Man never believed he made himself, nor took himself as the product of blind and unintelligent force," declared the Rev. D. P. Denman of the First Baptist Church of Milwaukee to the members of the Hemenway Methodist Episcopal Church at Evanston. "Science has not disturbed the relationship between man and his Creator. It has dealt with the process and not with the origin. By creation man is God's debtor, and love alone can repay that obligation. This love is the supreme obligation. Man should not stand apart, but should be bound to his Creator by the most vital of all unions. Love is the highest thing of which man is capable, and therefore it is the essence of supreme commandment. The moral nature of God would not suffer Him to ask less of His creatures."

September 5, 1903

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