Superstition versus Understanding

Our text-book says, "Superstition and understanding can never combine" (Science and Health, p. 288). This statement is of vital importance to all Christian Scientists and at all stages of their mental and moral growth, for unconscious superstition clings very closely to mortals. Like many other beliefs it is a relic of the time when we were ignorant of the Truth of being, and the term stands for the many delusions concerning "the deep things of God," as well as for the most ordinary things of every-day life.

Christian Scientists all know that the understanding of God is indispensable to their welfare and happiness, and the statement above quoted shows clearly that superstition of every sort must give place to the Science of all that is real. We no doubt think ourselves superior to the common superstitions concerning days and numbers, the many delusions relative to disease and to material remedies, to belief in the warnings of impending evil, etc., which seek expression in well-nigh every experience between the cradle and the grave.

Why not Help rather than Hinder?
December 12, 1903

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