With deep gratitude to God, I give my testimony today

With deep gratitude to God, I give my testimony to-day. I have another reason besides this; viz., a great love for all who may find comfort in reading my testimony. Many who read these words may be struggling with doubt and fear. Many whose healing makes but slow progress, and who may be wondering whether the healing will be manifested,—to them and to all who are sorrowing I wish to say, be not dismayed, help is near, our God is faithful and those who wait for Him, will see His glory!

A year and a half ago I was a wreck. I was confronted by total blindness. Inflammation of the choroid membrane had caused a flow of blood to affect my sight. A large black spot obstructed my vision and I could see only by glancing sideways. I turned to the best oculist in Warsaw, Russia, and I remember the grave expression on his face as he explained to me my dangerous condition. In spite of all applied remedies, I grew no better, but worse. Finally I could no longer distinguish an approaching wagon in the street. Then I heard of a homœopathist in Munich who had performed wonderful cures. I went to him and this physician really succeeded in effecting the absorption of the blood. However, in his last examination, he found that the optic nerve was severely injured, as a result of the long continued pressure. I could see but very little better. The physician dismissed me without much comfort, saying that if very careful and no more inflammation set in, I might keep the sight that was left me. Yes—if—!

Testimony of Healing
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October 17, 1903

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