A Voice in the Wilderness

It is always interesting and gratifying to Christian Scientists to observe any movement in the advance of human consciousness toward the recognition of true Science. While the new or higher position attained may not be on the plane of the absolute, yet the improvement of belief bears in that direction, and the truth that has come to enlighten mankind and bring salvation to the world is more fully recognized and acknowledged. We find in a recent issue of Leslie's Weekly a paragraph referring to an address by Lord Kelvin, the very noted scientist, from which we extract the following.

"Lord Kelvin [Sir William Thompson] in an address before an English university declared that science positively affirms creative power and makes every one feel a miracle in himself. It was not in dead matter, he said, that men lived, moved, and had their being, but in a creative, and directive power which science compelled them to accept as an article of belief. Modern biologists were coming once more to a firm acceptance of something, and that was a vital principle. . . . The London Spectator, the ablest of English journals, strongly supports Lord Kelvin in his position, declaring that 'in their works science and true religion are joined beyond all powers of divorce. To deny this is to deny the unity of the universe and to destroy with a stroke of the pen the complete principle of the conversation of energy.' "

The Unit of Principle
October 17, 1903

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