Over a year ago I experienced a concrete demonstration of...

Over a year ago I experienced a concrete demonstration of God's law in operation, and of His power and grace to save me from a bad situation. I was on a Hawaiian Sunday scuba-diving excursion. From a large commercial fishing boat anchored in the marine roadstead off Diamond Head, I dived with scuba tank to the bottom, one hundred feet down. When I regained the surface about twenty minutes later, I saw that I had been taken by a strong ocean current about half a mile from the boat. I found myself in extremely choppy water, where two island-circling currents apparently met. I tried in vain to open the rusted gas valve on my Mae West, and was too out of breath to blow on the mouth valve. I had managed to drop my weight belt, but still carried the heavy air tank. My snorkel filled with water, and I was gasping violently for breath. A minute more of this, and I would have drowned. In this extremity I called, "Help me, Father." Through Christian Science I had learned that God made me and that He cares for each of His children at all times.

Suddenly I caught sight of a yacht under sail about 200 yards away, headed my way. Literally with my last breath I shouted to attract attention. My feeble cry was heard, for the yacht suddenly shifted course and headed straight for me. Willing hands leaned over the rail to grab my arms as the yacht swept past.

Testimony of Healing
A lovely moment in a Christian Science healing comes when...
January 19, 1974

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