Instantaneous Healing

Healings comparable to some of those brought about by Christ Jesus occur today. But generally they are thought of as exceptions to natural law. In fact, with the rapid rise of the material sciences many people find it difficult to accept spiritual healing as a science. A phenomenon of an emotional state called faith, yes, but not the result of fixed laws that can be studied, understood, and applied.

Jesus' healings did set aside what is believed even today to be natural law. But in truth they were demonstrations of law, not exceptions to it. How, possibly, could the representative of the creator contradict the laws of creation? What he did was prove that the conditions he healed were contradictions of divine law. It was disease, decrepitude, sin, death, even a destructive storm at sea, that were unnatural. Through his understanding of divine law he restored the natural health and harmony of man. The conditions he healed were illusions his understanding destroyed—not only for himself but for those who were witnesses to them.

Freeing Ourselves from Crutches
January 19, 1974

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