The Power That Heals

The healings accomplished by Christ Jesus came about through the power of God. Jesus said (John 5:17), "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work." Healings are accomplished in Christian Science today on the same basis. God, Life, Truth, Love, is the healing power. To work as the Master taught his followers, one must understand the allness and goodness of God and the perfection of man as God's image or expression. Then the power of God heals the sick.

We fail to heal if we fail to recognize the power of God. Believing that the healing power is our own or that it depends upon the strength of our personal belief, we are putting our faith in the human mind rather than in the divine Mind. This personal sense of the healing power acts as a barrier between us and Truth. The barrier needs to be removed by correcting our false belief, denying corporeal, personal sense, and trusting the one Mind, God.

On Casting Out Devils
June 12, 1965

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