A Lesson from a Little Chair

A short time ago I was reseating a cane chair. As I had done a good many in my day, I did not anticipate any difficulty. So I went gaily along, probably thinking of something else, when I discovered the pattern was not working out correctly. I looked back over what I had done, but could not see any fault, so I deliberately made a wrong stitch, hoping the pattern would right itself on the return row. But it did not do so. So I had to make another error to cover up the two previous ones. But it was no use. The third row plainly showed the pattern was quite out of gear.

I sat back thought, "What a lesson!" Everyone knows that accounts never come right if a mistake made in them is not found and corrected, and now I saw that the rules in caning a chair must also be strictly observed.

"In God we trust"
June 12, 1965

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