A spiritual understanding of my...

A spiritual understanding of my real relationship to God, gained through my study of Christian Science, healed me instantaneously of the belief of separation. It was clearly seen that God is the only parent, the only Father-Mother, the only real relative, and the only provider of man and that man, His reflection, unceasingly expresses and is eternally at one with all the qualities and ideas of God.

This understanding of complete selfhood has expanded in my thought and enabled me to find a harmonious place in the business world, to gain a better sense of health, to enjoy protection from accidents, to regain lost articles, gradually to eliminate false traits of character, and to enjoy increased church activities and precious friendships.

Recently I experienced a healing of rheumatism. A member of my family had suffered from the same symptoms thirty-five years earlier. In that instance a physician was called, and there followed a series of heat treatments. It was a painful siege, with absence from work and useful activity.

Testimony of Healing
In our study of Christian...
May 21, 1960

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