A few years ago I had a nervous...

A few years ago I had a nervous breakdown. Because of inharmonious human relationships, which had become increasingly intolerable, I had suffered from insomnia for at least ten years. Many times I would go for weeks with no more than two or three hours of sleep a night. I was a medical nurse, and so I sought aid from the medical profession. I consulted many kindly and genuinely sincere physicians, who did everything they possibly could to help me by means of drugs and psychiatry.

Finally, conditions had reached the place where I had been advised that it was absolutely imperative that I separate myself from my husband, my family, my home, and everything that had ever been near and dear to me. I had been told by eminent psychiatrists that I was in dire need of intensive, prolonged psychotherapy.

Testimony of Healing
A few years ago I was suffering...
April 23, 1960

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