In the Scriptures the rod of God is frequently referred to as a symbol of heavenly defense and discipline. The Psalmist evidently caught the true meaning of this rod, for he declared (Ps. 23:4), "Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." This rod is also a symbol of wisdom. Mary Baker Eddy in "Miscellaneous Writings" reaffirms the Psalmist's thought in these words (p. 208): "His rod brings to view His love, and interprets to mortals the gospel of healing." The divine rebuke when heeded releases men from bondage to sin or disease and opens the way for limitless good to be experienced. The rod of God becomes a staff upon which to lean and a comforting reassurance of His nearness.

A Christian Scientist waited in her car one day on a congested city street where the industrial buildings had crowded in around a few remaining dismal houses. On the sidewalk in front of one of these houses were two small boys playing ball. As the observer watched the youngsters, she was filled with consternation at what seemed to be a very dangerous situation. Traffic was heavy, the street was narrow, and it seemed inevitable that the ball, tossed uncertainly back and forth by unskilled hands, would eventually land in the street. And so it did. What happened next made a deep impression upon the watcher. Each lad tried in vain to recover the ball without putting a foot into the street. Then one of the youngsters went into the house and brought out an older sister, who quickly retrieved the ball and urged the players toward the back of the house.

June 1, 1957

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