Much thought is being given, and rightly so, to the problem of juvenile delinquency. Certain human measures, both preventive and corrective, are manifestly desirable and necessary. But the ultimate answer to this, as to all human problems, lies in the teachings of Christian Science.

In an address given in The Mother Church in 1895, Mary Baker Eddy made some statements that are particularly pertinent to the handling of delinquency. One such statement, recorded on page 107 of "Miscellaneous Writings," reads as follows: "Three cardinal points must be gained before poor humanity is regenerated and Christian Science is demonstrated: (1) A proper sense of sin; (2) repentance; (3) the understanding of good."

The student of Christian Science knows that a correct sense of sin includes the uncovering of sin for the purpose of realizing its nothingness and thereby removing it from experience. Delinquency cannot be ignored or excused, but neither can it be magnified and accepted a reality in the consciousness of one who would cure it. Christ Jesus saw through Satan's pretenses to power. He knew that God, by the very nature of His all-goodness, could not have delegated power to evil in any form. Through this clear concept of omnipotence Christ Jesus cast out evil impulses from those who were bedeviled by them.

December 3, 1955

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