Mortals live in a world of material sensations, a world of impressions of sight and sound, of taste and smell and touch. Through these tenuous sensations so-called mortal mind communicates, and by them mortals are limited. Through physical sensations mankind come to conclusions regarding space and substance, pleasure and pain, life and death. But Christian Science brings one to the conclusion that matter has no more substance than the sensations which declare its presence.

Mary Baker Eddy, who has done much to free her followers from the despotism of the corporeal senses, says in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 72), "Real sensation is not material; it is, and must be, mental: and Mind is not mortal, it is immortal." She explains elsewhere that spiritual sense alone can convey the impressions of God to man.

Spiritual sensations are real impressions. One becomes conscious of them as quietness of thought, harmony, purity, joy, and reverence. Such sensations bring healing because they replace the physical sensations that constitute disease. Spiritual sensations make one realize that heaven is near, not remote in space or in time, but ever tangible within consciousness. The spiritually-minded are those who so love the impressions conveyed by Mind that they are able to quench the carnal mind's demand for intense physical sensations, whether of pain or of pleasure.

December 3, 1955

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