In Christian Science, humility may be defined as a state of consciousness in which the human sense of self is yielding to the spiritual. This is the road over which one must travel if he would reach the understanding of man's true spiritual status. Mary Baker Eddy, realizing the great importance of humility in this spiritual unfoldment, says in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 354), "Experience shows that humility is the first step in Christian Science, wherein all is controlled, not by man or laws material, but by wisdom, Truth, and Love."

Today mankind wants and needs an understanding of God which can be made practical in daily life, and an understanding of the relationship between God and man. The Bible states that God is Spirit and that He made man in His image; so man must be spiritual. It requires humility to admit this and to prove that the harmonious relationship between God and His likeness can never be interrupted or obstructed. If our human affairs appear to be in need of healing, let us see that these conditions are the seeming results of the action of the erring physical senses and do not belong to the real man. Man's affairs are eternally under the control of divine law. Let us humbly avail ourselves of the laws of God, which prove the impotence of so-called material laws. Our task is to do this daily and hourly in every phase of our human activity. The laws of God transcend the erring physical senses and operate naturally for the good of all. Material laws must fall before the omnipotent strength of God understood.

January 15, 1955

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