Some time ago I was asked...

Some time ago I was asked whether Christian Science really heals and if so, whether the healings are permanent. I was glad to answer affirmatively, because this Science has permanently healed me of scarlet fever and rheumatic fever. I had these diseases at the same time. The attending physician said that I had but a few hours to live and that if by some miracle I should survive, I would be disabled for the rest of my life. He told my parents that he had done all he could medically, but that he had heard of a religion called Christian Science, which heals the sick; and he recommended that they try it for me at once.

My parents knew nothing of this Science, but they remembered that a relative in a distant city had mentioned in her letters that she had been healed of blindness and tuberculosis through its teaching; so they immediately sent her a telegram asking for help. The following morning, much to the amazement of the physician, I not only was alive but so much improved that he could scarcely believe what he saw. In a very few days I was completely well. The physician asked permission to give me a thorough physical examination, for he thought that some part of my body must be impaired. Permission was given, and not even a minor difficulty could be found. He gave full credit to Christian Science for the healing. During the more than thirty-five years since that experience I have loved and used this Science continuously.

Testimony of Healing
I was not primarily interested in...
August 28, 1954

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