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Expressions of Gratitude for Our Periodicals

A letter from a woman in South Africa states: "May I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for the periodicals, which cheer us along the way. They heal us, bless, and comfort us—they educate us too. We love the friends who contribute and share so much with the world. I often glance over the contents page and say 'Hello' to those whose names have become familiar through their articles."

A mother tells of her gratitude: "The helpful [religious] article ...in The Christian Science Monitor prompts me to write my thanks. I am sending copies to my two sons in college. I think not only the subject of the article, but also its brevity, will attract their favorable attention." And of another religious article which appeared in the Monitor she says: It "has been a comfort to me and to other parents to whom I have loaned it." She continues: "I recall with much gratitude an article which appeared in the Monitor about seventeen years ago. It brought about an instantaneous healing for me of a wrenched wrist, which had been painfully stiff for four or five days. I have given testimonies of this healing."

Testimony of Healing
Until our son was four years old...
August 28, 1954

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