Occasionally an individual believes that someone has said or done something which has disturbed him mentally. Then we hear him say that he is greatly pained or hurt. This pain is not physical but mental, and it is stilled when the sufferer changes his thought about the incident or about those associated with it. Christian Science reveals that all pain, both physical and mental, is but a false condition or concept of so-called mortal mind.

According to material science, pain always involves disturbed or disordered nerves. Yet, what causes the pain to be stilled when one is asleep or under the influence of drugs, or when his attention is drawn away from the body? Material evidence indicates that the nerves are still intact, but the individual feels no pain. This is one proof that pain is not in a so-called material body, or in nerves, but in mortal consciousness, or what is called mortal mind.

Christian Science reveals that the material body is not a reality, but a false concept or illusion of so-called mortal mind. Therefore, it is the false beliefs of mortal mind about a so-called material body which must be corrected with Truth before pain, either physical or mental, can be stilled. And the truth which corrects all pain is the great fact that Spirit, or pure divine consciousness, and its ideas are forever harmonious, sinless, and painless.

January 16, 1954

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