The experience that changed my...

The experience that changed my attitude toward Christian Science from skepticism and redicule to faith and respect, and that was the source of my desire to know more of this religion, occurred about thirty years ago, when through the loving help of a practitioner my brother was healed in one day of what the physician had pronounced typhus. I immediately began studying and applying some of the simpler truths and proved for myself in many ways that Christian Science was applicable. A few years later I married a Christian Scientist, and together we have worked out many problems. The only times a medical physician has been called to our home were when the law required it, at the births of our two sons. Fears and anxieties were eliminated, as well as so-called children's diseases during their growing-up period.

In humility and sincerity I can truthfully answer the question in our textbook (Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, p. 3), "Are we really grateful for the good already received?" by thanking God and testifying to His ever-availability. Home and harmony have been demonstrated, and freedom and joy experienced whenever the truth as taught in Christian Science has been applied. Several years ago, while I was using a washing machine, my hand became caught in the wringer. When the wringer was released and I looked at the hand, it was very much discolored and distorted. I was pianist of our branch church, and the suggestion came that I would not be able to play at the service the next evening, or perhaps ever again. The pain was very great, and as I put my hand behind me I audibly declared the truth. My husband also did some work, and in about twenty minutes the pain was entirely gone. Fear of what the hand might look like had to be replaced with the assurance that God's work was complete and perfect; that nothing had happened to disprove this fact. In a very few moments the fear was gone, and with tears of joy and gratitude I saw my hand as perfect as the other, without a scratch or a mark of discoloration. Needless to say, I was in my right place at the service next evening, rejoicing and thanking God.

Testimony of Healing
My first knowledge of Christian Science...
December 2, 1950

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