"Divine Love alone governs man"

As we view the material world and consider its millions of inhabitants with as many different minds, we find some of these minds are kindly, loving, just, honest, unselfish, and pure. Others seem to be greedy, hateful, dictatorial, bitter, insincere, unjust, and dishonest. Furthermore, when we come in contact with that state of thought with which we are not in agreement, we may feel that, unless we can find adequate protection, it may be injurious to our happiness and well-being. As it is with individuals, so it is with nations: some are considered to be friends, and others to be enemies.

For our own self-protection, and for the benefit of all mankind, let us learn properly to deal with this mistaken concept of God's creation. We read in Genesis that all that God made is good; but who can find any goodness in bickering, deceit, and human warfare? The error of thinking of oneself as being capable of both love and hate, generosity and greed, stems from the mistaken beliefs that conflicting forces of good and evil have created man and now govern him, and that God sends not only good but also distress, diseases, and disasters to the human race. Our great Way-shower, Christ Jesus, came to correct these false views and to teach us that God is Love, the only creative Mind or power.

Truth Uncovers and Destroys Error
August 4, 1945

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