"Destroy all their pictures"

"Man is the climax of creation; and God is not without an ever-present witness, testifying of Himself. Matter, or any mode of mortal mind, is neither part nor parcel of divine consciousness and God's verity." These dynamic statements by Mary Baker Eddy are found on page 17 of her book "No and Yes."

Christian Science accepts God as Mind, Spirit; therefore man. His witness, must be purely spiritual, knowing no matter with which to contend. Because God is All-power, filling all space, there can be no outside force to disturb, destroy, or obstruct His omnipotence. Our true selfhood, as well as that of all those whom we call "our brother," expresses the radiance of Soul, and is whole and complete. God, the one infinite Being, is expressed by man in perfect rhythm, peace, and freedom. Being cannot be divided into parts, nor can God's expression, man, ever be separated from the Divine Being.

The Ever-present Christ
October 13, 1945

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