Rest in Divine Principle

The quietness which comes to our thought in times of stress when we turn instinctively to God for help is most comforting. In such deep moments the nearness of divine Love and the tender presence of the Christ-idea are very real, bringing to human consciousness the assurance that in the infinite realm of eternal Mind all is well.

The more earnestly we endeavor to base our thoughts upon the ordered activity of divine Principle, God, and refuse to believe in the existence of any other power, the more clearly do we understand that substance, law, and impulsion all belong to Him. We begin to grasp in some degree the truth that harmony is the inevitable right of God's child, and that consequently there cannot be the slightest reality in anything of which we may have been afraid. We see that the supreme design of the creator for His children must be a wholly harmonious plan, without a single jarring element, and that the creation which God pronounced "very good" forever retains its unchanged perfection.

October 13, 1945

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