Man Is Neither Condemned Nor a Condemner

A Common tendency of the human mind is to condemn. Even before a mortal is born, material thought condemns him eventually to become sick and die. After birth he is often condemned to a hard lot. He may find himself limited by physical disability, abnormality, unfavorable environment, inadequate education, and so on. His life experience often promises to be drab, unhappy, and unsatisfying. The carnal mind, the fictitious opposite of divine Mind, God, is by reason of its negative-ness a failure. It imposes on its race of mortals these negative verdicts and unjust condemnations, which are inherent in its own godless nature.

Then, too, mortals are often inclined to indulge in condemnation of one another. With little or no excuse they blame, censure, criticize, and even curse each other. All this shows what a travesty on truth the material mind and its child, mortal man, is, and how far removed from reality—from God, the all-loving Mind, and His family of mutually loving children or ideas—is this godless mind and its product, materially thinking mortals.

October 13, 1945

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