When our son was about five...

When our son was about five years old, our family was invited for dinner to the home of friends who were Christian Scientists. We arrived there during a snowstorm. I took the children to the kitchen to remove their galoshes, then went upstairs with our wraps. When I returned a few moments later, our hostess inquired if my son had told me what had just taken place. In removing his overshoes, he had placed the palm of his hand against a hot oven, leaning on it with all his weight. He looked at our hostess and said, "I can't move it." She replied, "There is too much love around you for that to hurt." Promptly removing his hand and putting it behind him, he said, "Yes, God put His hand in mine and moved it."

My son did not examine the hand or allow anyone else to do so. Other members of the two families in an adjoining room did not know anything unusual had occurred. We enjoyed our evening, and did not think of this incident until the middle of the next morning, when I remembered that our son had said nothing more about it. When he returned from school for lunch, I inquired if he had made any demonstrations of Truth that he had not mentioned to me, and he replied, "No." I said, "Let me see your hand." He answered, "Oh, that." I examined his hand and said, "There isn't even a blister or a red mark." His answer was, "Did you think there would be?"

Testimony of Healing
Gratitude for all the blessings...
June 17, 1944

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