The Ninth Commandment Made Practical

In the ninth commandment God has said, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." To obey this command one must apply the divine law of perfection towards his neighbor and himself at all times and under all circumstances. The basis of all demonstration must be perfect God and perfect man. To see his neighbor and himself as God sees him is the only way to stop bearing false witness. By this standard one can always know whether he is being obedient to the ninth commandment.

When one is tempted to admit for himself, or for someone else, that he is out of health, harmony, or supply, then let him check these suggestions and see if they are what God sees in him. If God does not see him lacking these things, and He does not, these conditions are not true, but are witnessing falsely about man. To accept as real a lie about man breaks the ninth commandment, and one does not solve problems by breaking the Commandments. Only as they are fulfilled does one find himself under the law and protection of God.

"Supply invariably meets demand"
June 17, 1944

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