There are so many things for...

There are so many things for which I am grateful to Christian Science that I find it hard to choose those to mention here.

One of our greatest blessings is the coming into our home, without effort on our part, of a lovely little girl, who was given into our keeping. This child was healed of measles in one day. Another time the little one fell downstairs, bumping her head very hard, and as I held her I repeated confidently Mrs. Eddy's comforting statement on page 393 of Science and Health, "Have no fear that matter can ache, swell, and be inflamed as the result of a law of any kind, when it is self-evident that matter can have no pain nor inflammation." When I put her down she began to play as though nothing had happened, and no marks were seen of the big bump which had started to form before I declared the truth.

We have experienced freedom from lack, which had made itself felt for a period of years; unlovely traits of character have been overcome; unwholesome appetites have been destroyed; a feeling of poise, security, and usefulness has been attained and retained through a higher understanding of myself as God's perfect child.

Testimony of Healing
In the opening lines of the Preface...
August 28, 1943

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