Excerpt from Letter of a Wartime Minister to The Christian Science Board of Directors

Though I recognize that everything provided for Christian Scientists in our armed forces—services in the camps, a practitioner always at hand, without charge, books and literature, study rooms, service cottages and centers—is necessary and an integral part of the work, I have real conviction that all this is just the beginning. Of far greater importance than merely giving the boys a "boost," is the work of awakening and encouraging them to be active, working Christian Scientists. Of vital import to the country and to the war effort is getting every Christian Scientist in our armed forces to realize what his real job is, and to accept it—that of being practitioner to the world in the conflict which confronts it.

Of far-reaching effect is the giving of a mental "shake" to every man we can reach, saying to him, Do you really know your value to the country? Do you really know how badly the world needs you? Do you realize the power for good you possess by virtue of your spiritually right thinking? Do you recognize what your number one job is? In no instance have I found a Christian Scientist who seemed fully aware of his true value. Nearly everyone has responded with a gleam in his eyes, enthusiasm, and real joy at the spiritual adventure that lies ahead for the consistent worker.

A Soldier of Christ
August 28, 1943

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