Spiritual Aid Is Perpetual Aid

Spiritual aid is available to everybody, everywhere, every instant. To the Christian Scientist, spiritual aid is first aid, continual aid, and permanent aid. Every case is vital; every case requires instant attention. The master Christian, Christ Jesus, did not accept as real even for an instant any evidence opposing or denying the supremacy of Spirit. Christian Scientists should do no less. Whatever threatens to obscure the spiritual light of understanding must be conquered.

The Christian Scientist must enlarge his understanding of Spirit, regardless of any human measures he may be obliged to adopt. Mary Baker Eddy in Article VIII. Section 15 of the Manual of The Mother Church writes, "Members of this Church shall not unite with organizations which impede their progress in Christian Science." The worldly-minded might call this narrow, and protest that it robs the individual of his freedom of thought and action. But those who have even slightly perceived the true nature of Mrs. Eddy's discovery know that anything short of obedience to this By-Law betrays thought into error. Through disobedience one's spiritual understanding of Life is darkened by materiality, by dependence on material means, and by material pursuits.

The Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science learned through bitter trials that mere human intelligence is not capable of fostering, protecting, and perpetuating the divine plan for the salvation of mankind. Organizations based on materiality cannot solve the problems of human society. Divine inspiration is required to do this. And divine inspiration may be lost through an overzealous participation in material activities. The stimulus of material motion may unwittingly be substituted for spiritual activity. Rehearsal and practice of material methods may leave little time for spiritualization of thought.

August 28, 1943

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