There Is Only One Force

A Great privilege is given to every Christian Scientist to prove the works of the Master, Christ Jesus, for the consecrated work of Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder and Leader of the Christian Science movement, makes it possible correctly to interpret and prove his teachings today in every walk of life. Whether the student is engaged in some industry, or is in the armed forces, he is in the front line of spiritually mental activity. His consistent and persistent denial of any power apart from God will destroy doubt, and will lift him and those around him over and above the waves of error into the glorious harmony of divine Love.

One meaning of "force" is "any cause that produces, stops, changes, or tends to produce, stop, or change the motion of a body." Such a force could not be spiritual, because it not only produces but also destroys; it contains neither law nor order. It is only through the teachings of Christian Science and its interpretation of the Scriptures that true force is seen to be spiritual.

December 4, 1943

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