Gratitude—Its Power and Availability

Gratitude for God's goodness is a heavenly state of thought which brings us instantly into righteous acknowledgment of God's creation. Gratitude is mental; it is a state of receptivity, a quality of right thinking; it is the confident acknowledgment and assurance that God's power and presence are all there is and ever can be; in short, gratitude is a spiritual sense of God's nearness and completeness.

We best express our gratitude by consciously reflecting the substance which is God, and this reflection objectifies itself in our human experience as a healthy body, a happy home and surroundings, and a more abundant sense of supply. If we really know God and are humbly grateful for His blessings, no fictitious power or fear of mortal mind can keep us from expressing the gratitude we feel in our hearts.

Instantaneous Healing
December 4, 1943

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