Standing Porter

[Written Especially for Young People]

How fortunate are those young people today who from babyhood have been taught the healing truths of Christian Science! As naturally as the little flower lifts its face to the sun for warmth and life, they have learned to turn trustingly to their Father-Mother in every need. And time after time, when error has threatened, the Love which is "closer than hands and feet" has freed them from suffering, fear, and inharmony of all kinds. They soon find that those who have not the understanding of Christian Science are ignorant of their heritage of dominion over all the so-called powers of earth, and they learn to be humbly grateful for the blessings they enjoy.

One high school student was accustomed to having her problems solved quickly, through either the clear thought of a Christian Science practitioner or that of a member of her own family, and later by her own efforts. At one time, however, when a cold seemed to linger and defy all her efforts to conquer it, she was compelled to look within her own thinking to discover what had seemed to cause it.

A Prayer
August 15, 1942

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