Comprehensiveness in Treatment

The basis of Christian Science healing, it is now widely known, is the absolute allness of God, good, as taught in the Scriptures. This great fact makes it plain that disease, being evil and unlike God, is, for all its appearance of reality, an illusion. And as the divine Allness—Truth, Life, and Love—is apprehended and realized, disease naturally disappears, leaving the evidences of health.

The illusion of disease virtually always involves more than appears on the surface—more, that is to say, than what ordinarily is considered disease, or a cause of it; and therefore in healing it, one needs to dispose of more than is superficially in evidence. It may be hate that is producing the trouble. Or it may be fear, self-pity, envy, or some other state of so-called thought, the physical consequences of which are not commonly recognized, and which may itself be more or less concealed. But in proportion as one understands through Science the allness of good, one is enabled to discern in its true import, in any case, whatever is unlike good. And he is enabled, further, so to enlarge and correct his own thought as to recognize the nothingness of the trouble-making error, whatever it may be.

August 15, 1942

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