Instant Initiative

The traveler in equatorial Africa observes droves of zebra and gnu intermingled in friendly familiarity as they graze on the plains and drink from the streams. He wonders why the dapper, lackadaisical zebra courts the company of the awkward, uncouth gnu. The secret is this, so it is thought: the gnu has a keen scent for lions. He is quick to detect their approach and instant to attack. He does not wait for the king of beasts to maneuver into an advantageous position. He locates him, boldly charges, puts him to flight, and sometimes overtakes him before he gains cover in the jungle.

Alertness and initiative are always in order. The Christian Scientist, instant in season and out of season, is prompt to detect the approach of sickness, anger, indecision, despondency. Quickly putting up his mental defense, he permits them no opportunity to steal into consciousness. The first suggestion of disease finds him on guard. He waits not for symptoms to intensify, to multiply, or to recur. He annihilates them at their first appearance by insisting that they have no life, no intelligence, no genuine presence. All this he does out of his understanding that Life, individualized in him, retains its original exuberance and invulnerability. How significant it is that Life is precisely what people, the world over, are agreeing to call God!

Basic Work for Victory
July 25, 1942

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