Basic Work for Victory

It is clear that when one is in a conflict, his need basically is to deal with certain types of thought on the part of himself and the others involved. When these thoughts—greed, hatred, revenge, fear, limitation, and the like—are disposed of, the outward signs of strife disappear, because their root is gone. One of the great services of Christian Science is that it supplies something better than the ordinary human means for this essential work of victory over evil. It shows how divine power may be utilized to such ends.

The method and its value could be illustrated by countless incidents from the experience of Christian Scientists, but one will suffice here. A Christian Scientist had been confronted with bitter antagonism from an associate in his business for many months, and because of it was considering withdrawing from the business. He had done much work on the condition in Christian Science, and had grown in understanding and been comforted through the work, but there were no indications of healing in the relationship. Before deciding to leave the business, he spent a long luncheon period one day working still more earnestly in Science for the solution of the problem.

Among the Churches
July 25, 1942

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