Progress through Spiritual Understanding

Every sincere Christian Scientist desires to progress. However secure he may seem at the moment, he knows that true health, peace, happiness, and prosperity are the result of spiritual understanding. They are consciously maintained through uninterrupted, faithful communion with God. They can be lastingly established in our consciousness only through a progressive understanding and utilization of the power of God, whereby their apparent opposites are wiped out. We shall be satisfied, or made whole, proportionately as we gain the spiritual understanding which demonstrates our sonship with God.

Lest anyone seem to feel the futility of attempting such an all-embracing endeavor, let us remember that when the Apostle Paul admonished the Roman brethren, "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good ... for there is no power but of God," he was not only emphasizing the omnipotence of good, but pointing out the Christian's ability, through reliance on the power of God, good, to rise above all belief in evil, and so progressively to destroy it. Thus, there is no reason for hesitation or fear. Progress demands only genuine faithfulness in doing our daily work.

Shining Away the Shadows
June 13, 1942

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