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My attention has been called to a disquisition on Christian Science in the "Question and Answer" column of your paper. This follows the well-known lines of argument which have been refuted many times. Space will not permit of answers to them all, but the final paragraph seems to be the key to the whole matter.

This is what the writer says: "Sin, sickness, disease, and death are real indeed, but they are among the things that have been 'swallowed up' in Christ's victory." This sentence, with the substitution of the word "seem" for the word "are" in its first clause, is what Christian Science teaches. Christian Scientists are proving that the work of Christ, Truth, is complete—the victory is accomplished, not a future event to be looked forward to in another sphere. Christ Jesus proved time after time that sin, disease, and death are not real—that is, are not divine creations, and can be destroyed here and now. Moreover, he said that we should follow his example and do as he did. In order to make the fact of the unreality of death indubitable, he proved by his own resurrection that the spiritual, real man is eternal. His victory, his completed demonstration of the eternality of the Christ, "swallowed up" or destroyed the false beliefs of sin and death.

In your column, "From Day to...
June 13, 1942

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