Diversity of Worlds

There can be but one world, really, and that fashioned after the divine plan. With this proposition reflective people will pretty generally concur. Yet to appearances there are worlds many. And how near they are! One has only to close his eyes to place himself in another realm. Lively hues and tints are there; graceful shapes and forms. Often has he suspected, when eyes were open, that colors and objects were formations of thought rather than of matter. Now he is convinced they are such.

Most astonishing of all, how different does one appear to himself, on shutting his eyes! He discovers that he is mental and spiritual, and this throughout his being. He recognizes that he is consciousness rather than corporeality. He finds himself face to face with limitless Mind and boundless Life. He is entering the closet to commune, if he will, with the "Father which is in secret," and to feel the invincible energies of Spirit.

The Supremely Important Question
June 13, 1942

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