During a recent trying time, I felt that a higher sense of...

During a recent trying time, I felt that a higher sense of gratitude should be expressed for God's love and divine healing power, which I have experienced through the study and application of Christian Science, as taught by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. I recall my healings with joy and gratitude, especially the few that follow herein.

A number of years ago, during a lecture on Christian Science, our little boy was completely healed of a nervous condition that was causing his head to jerk at regular intervals. Some time later he experienced another wonderful healing of an unusual skin affection, diagnosed by a specialist as loss of pigment coloring in the skin. The doctor said that he knew of nothing that could cure or correct this condition, and that it might spread all over his face. In a remarkably short time, with the loving help that a Christian Science practitioner gave the child, every spot vanished, and the skin became entirely normal. At another time he had boils, one after another, and blood poisoning set in from an infected knee. Gratitude is here expressed for the loving patience of the practitioner with our fears. The healing was so complete that never again has he suffered from boils.

Testimony of Healing
In deep gratitude I should like to tell of some of the...
July 19, 1941

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