Christian Science has been our only physician and help...

Christian Science has been our only physician and help for more than eighteen years, and the blessings we have received have been numerous. I know that Christian Science heals, because my family and I have had many physical healings. Our two sons, now fourteen and sixteen, have never tasted medicine. The younger of the two has not stayed in bed one day, and the older one has spent only three days in bed; this was when, at the age of five, he was healed of pneumonia. They experienced some of the so-called children's diseases in very mild form and were kept out of school for a few days merely to comply with local health laws. The realization that Love is everywhere, and that there is nothing here but good, has helped them make many a demonstration.

I have been healed of many discordant conditions, including influenza, extreme weakness, nervous breakdown, acute inflammation of the eyes, and many other ailments, some of which were not given names. Some of these healings came as the result of my own work and study, others with the help of loving Christian Science practitioners. Some were slow healings, when many needed lessons were learned, and a few were instantaneous.

Testimony of Healing
In the manifold experiences in my daily life I have turned...
July 19, 1941

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