True Originality

"Originality" and "creative ability" are terms in common use in the fields of music, literature, and art. One individual is considered to possess original and creative talent, while of another it may be said that he is lacking in these qualities.

Let us look to the Bible and to the teachings of Christian Science for light on this subject, and learn how an understanding of Truth can enlighten the worker in the so-called creative arts. In Genesis we read, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." The human mind is slow to grasp the completeness of God's creation, but it can humbly acknowledge Him as the only creator. Then, instead of depending upon mere human inspiration for artistic expression, it can look to God. divine Mind, as the true source of enlightenment. Ever-present spiritual inspiration and the power to act upon it are the reward of consecrated contemplation of God's creation. How much more certain is this guidance than reliance upon the ups and downs of fluctuating emotions!

"Because ye are strong"
June 7, 1941

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