Sunday School Notes and Comments

The first class I was given in a Christian Science Sunday School was composed of the youngest children. One of the pupils, a boy, seemed to have no sense of discipline, and in spite of continued efforts on the part of the superintendent and myself, became quite out of control. We talked to him in a loving way of himself as a child of God, all apparently to no effect. I became very much discouraged, and decided that either the condition must be met or I must give up the class. The latter I knew to be wrong, so I set about to examine my own consciousness, and found that fear and apprehension of the condition had to be cast out.

While I was considering the problem, a thought came to me which destroyed the fear and apprehension: "God is the one authority." I knew that in my true selfhood I reflected God, and could therefore demonstrate obedience and submission to the will of God, good. The next Sunday my thought was firm and confident. When error tried to raise its voice, I realized the truth of God's omnipotence, and harmony was established. That was the last of the error. I had needed to learn to express wisdom and love. Later I substituted as teacher in an older class, in which there was a boy who seemed a disturbing element, and I found that a quiet request for conformity to law and order was obeyed.

Special Notice
April 19, 1941

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