"Thy kingdom come"

Among mankind in general, Christian Science is still known chiefly, no doubt, for its healing of the sick; and its achievements in that field are more and more widely acknowledged. Christian Scientists, however, have seen hardly less of its effectiveness in other directions—in overcoming lack and limitation, discord, and distresses of every other sort. They have seen such results, moreover, not only for individuals, but for groups, sometimes very large groups. And they perceive that the essential procedure which has produced these effects is, by its nature, not less capable of accomplishing the improvements in government which are so urgently needed in the world today. It can bring as great blessings to those who are governing, and those who are governed, as it has brought to the sick.

What is this procedure? And how is it to be used, especially in relation to government?

Lecture in The Mother Church
October 25, 1941

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