Discovery and Proof

[Written Especially for Young People]

After she had sought for years to obtain health by all sorts of curative systems, the truth that God is Life dawned upon Mary Baker Eddy's thought and healed her instantly of the effects of an injury considered fatal. She then realized that she had made a great discovery. Later, she proceeded to write down what had been revealed to her, and named her discovery Christian Science. Her book "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" is known as the Christian Science textbook, and is proving a blessing in numberless homes where it is permitted to enter, for it contains the perfect remedy for sin and disease. She writes on pages 111 and 112 of this textbook: "After a lengthy examination of my discovery and its demonstration in healing the sick, this fact became evident to me,—that Mind governs the body, not partially but wholly. I submitted my metaphysical system of treating disease to the broadest practical tests. Since then this system has gradually gained ground, and has proved itself, whenever scientifically employed, to be the most effective curative agent in medical practice."

Intrepid explorers and navigators who set out to explore the polar regions, or sailed uncharted seas in search of new worlds, faced discomfort, loneliness, opposition. They braved the turbulent elements and extremes of heat and cold. They discovered and proved what courage and persistence can do in the overcoming of obstacles.

Since God Is All
October 25, 1941

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