I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science,...

I wish to express my gratitude for Christian Science, which practically saved me from the graveyard. I had been ill for over a year, and had gone to the best physicians without getting any better. I had to give up my work, although I had no other means of support. The last physician, one internationally known, in consultation with others, advised me to leave Chicago. The condition seemed to be a complete nervous breakdown. However, "man's extremity is God's opportunity." At this time someone mentioned Christian Science to me, and I tried very hard to understand it, but I could not accept it on account of my religion and because I was wrapped up in materia medica.

Through friends it was made possible for me to go to California, but after a month there was no improvement. I was discouraged and desperate. I went to a drugstore and asked for something that would enable me to retain my food for even a few hours. The druggist gave me something for which I paid an exorbitant price. At the same time I remembered Christian Science. I found a bookstore, purchased a copy of the textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, and began to read it. I read it through, and the only thing I seemed to grasp was that it was not in accord with medicine. At the moment I did not know why I did it, but I poured that bottle of medicine down the drain. After that I visited a Reading Room, and I shall always be grateful to the attendant. I asked her to explain Christian Science to me, and she simply gave me a copy of the Sentinel and told me to read it. That Sentinel opened my eyes, and daily I began to read the Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly.

Testimony of Healing
In deep gratitude for Christian Science, and in the hope...
October 25, 1941

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