Individual Harmony

God knows all that really exists. Therefore, only that which is good is true regarding every circumstance, condition, environment, or association in which it is possible for anyone to be involved, either directly or indirectly; for God is cognizant of good, and good alone. Men may believe themselves to be confronted by rampant evil, afflicted by poverty, suffering, and disease, and subject to "the last enemy," but, because these conditions and experiences are neither created by nor known to God, divine Mind, they are unreal, possessing the nature of dreams.

These facts afford the eternal, unchangeable basis of individual harmony. When we learn to see man as God sees him, to know him as God knows him, and to love him even as he is beloved of the Father, we shall realize beyond the possibility of a doubt that man is forever individual, forever spiritual, perfect, harmonious.

Peace, Not War
November 30, 1940

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