"Our refuge and strength"

One of the most regrettable features of the present day is that many men and women lack a reasonable faith in God's power to sustain them mentally, a reliable understanding of Him which will not only bring them consolation and a measure of peace, but will also empower them to help others in need. Many today, because of this lack, are suffering mental torture as they contemplate the adverse conditions of their own lives, or allow their thought to rest on those they love who, they believe, are in danger. When strife is raging, the temptation is strong to believe that God is absent, and that it is vain to call upon Him for aid.

The fact is that the disturbed condition of the world today is in great measure due to lack of understanding of and faith in God. Had there been a knowledge of God, scientific and accurate, and had this knowledge been universal, of a certainty we should not be witnessing the opposition to religion, the curtailing of religious freedom, and the subverting of religious institutions which are apparent today. Infidelity, atheism, intolerance, and persecution are rampant, largely because they have not been adequately opposed by Christianly scientific understanding. Pure Christianity, universally lived and demonstrated, would have stemmed the tide of unbelief, with its oppression and cruelty, and prevented the outrages, the ravages, the suffering, that have horrified the higher sense of mankind.

"The inspired Word"
January 6, 1940

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