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On Holy Ground

From the May 14, 1938 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Tread not with ruthless foot upon the tender Growing things: so small they are and slender, So hardly seen they must be sought among The stronger herbs—these tiny things so young! Look here again, where gnarled and knotted roots Become quite green with probing, fragile shoots! And some, being late, have not begun to show Their growth, which may seem hesitant and slow—But it is there! And thus in life: we would not careless tread With clumsy feet upon earth's seedling bed Tended of God. Our vision may not see The questing thoughts of grace, which prayerfully 'Neath earthly sod now seek their upward way Towards Life and Light—but we would never say A word, nor have a thought to blight—nor show Them aught but loving care; for well we know That they are there!