When, as a very new student of Christian Science, I was...

When, as a very new student of Christian Science, I was faced with an inharmonious domestic problem, it was necessary for me to return to the profession from which I had been absent for many years. So-called human laws of various descriptions were laid down for me by well-meaning friends who were not interested in Christian Science. The belief that the intervening years had made a great change in my appearance, that personal influence plays a large part in the business of today, and other claims too numerous to mention, have been destroyed.

It has been necessary to overcome a great sense of injustice and fear of the future, but as these have been seen for what they are, namely, ignorance of the fact that God, good, governs and is supreme over all, my needs have all been met and much spiritual growth experienced. In each instance, as I have learned to look to Principle instead of person, a healing has resulted.

Christian Science is indeed the Comforter, for it has given me an understanding of God as my Father-Mother. This has helped and sustained me many times, for I was reared by an aunt and never knew a mother's love. So I have often had a great sense of self-pity to overcome on this account.

Testimony of Healing
Out of love and gratitude to God and to Mary Baker Eddy...
April 16, 1938

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