In what is called an economic depression there are brought into view many unlovely states of consciousness which the student of Christian Science is able to recognize as unreal. This recognition, in many instances, leads one to more consecrated study. Outward conditions which seem to be working havoc are then seen to be expressive of a stirred-up mental condition which may be subdued through spiritual understanding, thus bringing increased blessings in the form of greater poise and peace.

To one student of Christian Science this awakening came with such vigorous realization that it has ever since been recalled by her as her resurrection. While many were experiencing depression it seemed to this student better described as annihilation, for she lost not only home, family, and friends, but also position. To make matters still worse, she found herself in a strange land, surrounded by strange people, and instead of being employed in her chosen profession, she was engaged in a menial task upon which a social stigma was supposed to rest.

"Ye shall go out with joy"
April 16, 1938

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