Fearless Advocacy of Righteousness

It cannot be said that Mrs. Eddy had an easy task in making Christian Science known to the world. After her own healing in 1866, she proved in many instances the healing power of Truth and Love. But it was only gradually that people began to take an interest in her discovery, and bought and studied the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," wherein she elucidated it, in order that they might gain an understanding of the divine Principle through which healings are brought about. All the while, Mrs. Eddy remained loyal and steadfast to the truth she had discovered, obedient to its Principle and rules and demonstrating them, and instructing those who came to her so that they should be able to follow her example. Never did the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science cease her redemptive work. Never did she refrain from her fearless advocacy of Truth and righteousness.

It seems strange to Christian Scientists who have studied Christian Science and demonstrated its teachings, that the great spiritual truths which it reveals should be denied by mankind. Why, they wonder, shoulder the Science which declares God's allness and perfection, and man's perfection as God's image or reflection, be misunderstood? Why should the discovery which Mrs. Eddy made, namely, that since God, good, is All-in-all, evil is unreal, be regarded as false? But the denial, the skepticism, even the persecution which sometimes attends the skepticism, only cause those who understand Christian Science and the healing power of Truth and Love, to continue more firmly in their advocacy of this Science and the demonstration of its Principle and rules.

Our Leader, herself an outstanding example of moral courage, expected her students to follow her in this as in all other Christian essentials. Throughout her writings the stirring call is heard repeatedly for faithfulness, fidelity, steadfastness, loyalty, and obedience to Truth. She never doubted that the understanding of Christian Science means the salvation of men. She never doubted that the redemption of the human race should come about through the demonstration of good in righteous living. And with her faith in God, good, firmly established on the understanding of Him as unchangeable Principle, and an unshakable conviction of the power of righteousness, she appealed to her followers for fearlessness in the face of the foe—suppositious evil—and for willingness to stand for Truth and righteousness, even if the stand should mean continuous and strenuous effort. On page 99 of "Miscellaneous Writings" she asks, "How many are there ready to suffer for a righteous cause, to stand a long siege, take the front rank, face the foe, and be in the battle every day?"

"God cannot be obscured"
April 16, 1938

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